For busy people who like to feel good. 

I love to cook with my four-year-old daughter, Amelie. So, together we began creating food that we could both enjoy, which means high-integrity foods packed with maximum nutrition per ounce that also taste delicious.

Glow Porter began as a hobby: I couldn't find delicious snacks that also met my increasingly high standards for food. I wanted more than simply organic, more than simply gluten free, more than processed sugar free: I wanted all of those things, plus more - I wanted the beauty benefits of adaptogens: Why not incorporate adaptogens such as lion's mane, cordyceps, pearl and tocotrienols to maximize the benefit of every bite? 


And of course, food has to taste truly excellent (or else I won't eat it). 


We had a really fun time experimenting, with many fails (hello, almost every "healthy" cracker, I'm looking at you) and an increasing number of successes (peppermint hot chocolate! chocolate chip cookies!). 


We quickly began creating way more concoctions in the kitchen than we could eat ourselves. After giving food to friends to taste-test and absorb our overflows, they lovingly convinced us we needed to hang out our shingle... and so, Glow Porter was born! 


We are here to serve our busy community who deserves high-integrity nourishment made with care and creativity - but don't have the time it takes to create themselves. 


Our beauty snacks are all plant-based, organic and designed to be delicious, first and foremost, and amazing for our skin, beauty and health from the inside out. 


We hope you love our beauty snacks as much as we love making them for you!


Sending <3 and glow,

 xo Laurie and Amelie