Glow Porter Spicy Nori Rolls
$ 10.00

Spicy Nori Rolls

These are a total crowd pleaser. Really unique (in a good way) with a jerky-like texture and feel. With a slight kick, slightly chewy, really satisfying. 

  • Sprouted sunflower seeds mineralize cells to give your skin + hair shine and extra bounce. 
  • Tumeric adds to glowing skin skin by neutralizing free-radicals to reduce inflammation and the signs of aging.
  • Garlic secures clear skin by optimizing digestion, purifying the blood and boosting the immune system.  

Delicious on their own, pre/post-workout, as an afternoon snack or paired with lunch, I never get tired of spicy nori rolls.

Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted brazil nuts, carrots, turmeric, garlic, chili flakes, ginger, lemon, miso, nori sheets