Skin-Smoothing Pumpkin Spice Tartlets
$ 11.00

Skin-Smoothing Pumpkin Tartlet (with Ashwagandha)

Pumpkin, like all winter squash, is an excellent source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that tames inflammation and redness in the skin. Pumpkin also contains beta-carotene which helps to reverse UV damage and improve skin texture creating a smooth complexion. Not only a full-body skin-smoother, pumpkin protects the skin from radical damage which is responsible for causing wrinkles and even skin cancer.


Ashwagandha: Balances cortisol and alleviates adrenal fatigue (aka stress)

While its botanical name is “somnifera” which means “sleep-inducing”, ashwagandha is not classified as a sedative. Instead, ashwagandha nourishes the body to “rest and digest.” Indicated for those who are ‘wired and tired,” try ashwagandha in raw foods (like our Skin Smoothing Pumpkin Tartlet).

Two Tartlets per Order

Organic Ingredients: pumpkin/winter squash, walnuts, irish moss, filtered water, ashwagandha, pink salt, vanilla powder, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, maple syrup, cashews, dates, hazelnuts, and lots of love <3