What's a 'Beauty Snack'?

High-Integrity Foods

We are incredibly particular when it comes to ingredients. Always organic. Packed with super foods like pearl, lion's mane, and We eat all that we make ever day, and see (and feel) the incredible benefits of greater glow, steady energy, boosted mood state and calmer state of mind. We are what we eat, and Glow Porter serves the best.

Convenient and fresh

Rather than spending your time making the labor intensive and sometimes complicated beauty snacks that we obsess over (or - more realistically - getting take out, where you can't know exactly what oils are used or how many days food sits before preparation) we offer creative, beautiful creations that you look forward to enjoying (and feel good about sharing with your family).


'Anti-aging' means anti-inflammatory. Our beauty ingredients slow, stop or reverse the aging process by neutralizing free radicals in the body, which are pollutants that are a natural result of modern life but that clog the systems of health in our bodies. Our snacks tame your internal inflammation, and your skin glow for it.

"Flavor follows Nutrition"

Our clients enjoy our beauty snacks more than mainstream snacks many of us grew up on, and even organic, gluten free versions. My four-year-old says, "We make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world." All she cares about is unicorns and how food actually tastes, so that's saying a lot.